How to travel fashionably light in subzero destinations

Packing List: the must haves-

How to keep the luggage light enough to make the travel experience convenient yet stocked up enough so as to not end up having a dull and a redundant wardrobe that sucks the fun out of your trip? This becomes especially taxing when you need to gear up for subzero destinations. In order to avoid this annoyance, I wish to share the extensive packing list that worked out for my Europe trip.

Clothing :

  • Two peacoat or overcoat (at least 50 % wool)
  • One Thermal insulated jacket appropriate for subzero temperatures
  • One Thermal inner wear set ( top and bottom ) which should be preferably a merino wool set. You can go for brands like minus 33.
  • One neutral or a very light colored cashmere sweater for layering
  • A pair of gloves -preferably a cashmere one and which has a touch screen enabled capabilities because it gets really annoying when you have to take out your gloves every time the phone is supposed to be used ! Also these types of gloves are less bulky.
  • One pure leather jacket
  • Bottoms : comfortable jeans/ pants/ skirts paired with woolen leggings



  • Men : muffler ; women : cashmere scarf
  • Two pairs of footwear : one which is appropriate for snow and another one can be a regular boots
  • Merino wool socks : regular ones as well as boot socks
  • One cap/ beanie – wool or merino wool
  • Moisturizer +sunscreen +lip balms(Pick up the effective ones from a good brand)


Layering : Inner wear + cashmere + any of the above mentioned clothing wear.Get everything in different colors, a mix of light and dark shades so that it adds variety to your travel wardrobe!

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  1. B N kumar - September 10, 2015 at 5:08 pm Reply

    liked it and appreciate your attempt

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