Go Rest High on Mt. Rigi

How to visit Mt. Rigi

Once again we boarded the same cruise (Day 1), the journey this time lasted only for forty minutes though. Unlike yesterday noon, when the cold was bearable, this morning we did not have the pleasure of being outside on the deck as the gust of wind was piercing. Vitznau is the stop from where you get the amusing cogwheel train to get to the summit of Rigi Kulm. The Vitznau-Rigi-Bahn was the first mountain railway in Europe. The views you see from the cogwheel as you steep up is completely stunning. Try to get the seats on the left side of train because that’s the side from where you can get an up-close look. People get so wowed by the views that all you can hear is a series of exclamatory remarks.


                           On the way back from Kadbad to Weggis

One should spend enough time at the peak to explore the dissimilitude of the views on all the sides. The chunk of clouds covering partially the stretch beneath looks deific. There are few wooden chaises which are well stationed for you to lay back and bask in the mother nature. The peak of Mt. Rigi does not have an abundance of snow and the scant patches of snow are constantly melting which makes the surface very slippery. Thus it is advisable to wear an appropriate pair of footwear.


                                       Relaxation at the peak of Mt. Rigi


                              The view from the summit of Mt. Rigi


In order to get back to the pier via Weggis, you need to come down to Kadbad first, either via cogwheel or follow the foot path trail (Only if you are in a proper footgear as the surface might be slippery). And then a cable car will transport you to this charming town of Weggis. There are couple of street ways which takes you till the pier. I would suggest that dissociate from the herd to explore the streets by yourself and enjoy the charm of the town. When you are contended enough, just follow the direction boards and you will reach the pier without a hitch. The astounding sweep your eyes get treated to from the strip and the strip of the pier itself is what gives this town a nonpareil appeal! Do not shy away from deliberately missing the parked cruise which is waiting for you. You can catch the next one but cannot afford to miss savoring the feel of this place. You will fall in love with the absolute quiescence all around. If I had been a painter, I would have definitely composed a canvas here. But sadly I know nothing about it 😛

Say goodbye to Weggis only when you are ready to 😀


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