Interlaken – Murren – Schilthorn

Interlaken – Murren – Schilthorn 1 day trip.

We got immersed  in the flowy motion of the train while we headed to Interlaken-OST amidst the pastoral terrain. The tints and shades of green spread all over, embellished with rustic European houses and narrow serpentine pathways, were a treat to the eyes. When the train entered the vicinity of Interlaken, it took an ideal route along the curve of lake Brienz. We got a dazzling view as the glossy streaks of sunlight reflected on the turquoise colored waters of this resplendent lake. The train was moving at an optimal pace, good enough to capture the thirst-quenching background as well as to live in the moment. Thus, to some extent it helped us assuage our regret for not being able to dedicate a separate itinerary for this place.


                                     The Interlaken



                 A neighborhood encountered on the way to Interlaken


It is a widely accepted opinion that the beauty of Switzerland rests in the countryside. This vox populi gains a strong sense of plausibility as one ambles through the cuddly village of Murren. Even though I was prepared from within for the much talked about Swiss countryside winsomeness, I could not refrain myself from being amazed by the striking semblance of this “car-free”  place in a frosty winter. The actual vista of this lilliputian village, embedded in the mountains, certainly surpasses  the pictorial images which we might have browsed earlier or the ones weaved in our mind.


The snow laden small town of Muren


We took a cable car from the village of Murren to get to the summit of Schilthorn. The incredible panoramic view of the valley of Lauterbrunnen can be thoroughly admired from the skywalk ramp. Although the icy winds of the winter were fierce, it did not stop us from spending enough time around the ramp to get mesmerized by the magnificent views.
At first I stood there clutching my cap real tight but the wind was so intense that I decided not to get distracted worrying about it and surrendered myself to the unparalleled beauty all around. Such is the charm of this place that it makes you let go the freezing sense and for this reason one can genuinely savor the aura of the surroundings even in subzero temperatures.

Perfectly positioned in Schilthorn is a revolving restaurant named Piz Gloria. The gigantic alpine beauty completely encircles this restaurant which offers a natural outdoor ambiance to die for. It was a Christmas luncheon and there we sat gazing out of the window, treating ourselves to a dainty meal and a splendiferous view as we revolved around.


 Piz Gloria Restaurant, Schilthorn


 This is how it looks when the Alps and the clouds coalesce :)

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